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Protected Designation of Origin

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Craft vinegar from Condado de Huelva

These are wine vinegars protected by PDO Condado de Huelva which are produced in industrial fermenting machines or by means of artisan methods with exhaustive temperature and aeration controls. An alcohol content of 1.5% with a total minimum acidity of 60 g/l.

Registered Wineries

Condado de Huelva Vinegar

The characteristics of our vinegar

Vinegar protected by PDO Condado de Huelva

Produced in fermenting machines

Classified by the Regulatory Board’s Tasting Committee

A alcohol content from the wine used of no more than 1.5% vol.

Total minimum acidity expressed as 60g/l acetic acid.

Organoleptic analysis

Vinagre Condado de Huelva protected by PDO Condado de Huelva:


Amber colour with brownish tones and slightly intense, just right for a Condado de Huelva vinegar.


Acetic acid aromas with light notes of wine.


A mild wine-like flavour, balanced in acidity. A long end in the mouth with hints of apple from the Zalema grape variety.

Vinagre Viejo Condado de Huelva

Protected by the PDO Vinagre Condado de Huelva.

It comes from vinegar protected by the PDO Vinagre Condado de Huelva which is aged using the traditional stacked barrel “criadera-solera” or vintage systems in oak barrels or hogshead casks.

The alcohol content may not be higher than 3% and it must come from fortified or liqueur wines protected by PDO Condado de Huelva.

There are three types of Vinagre Viejo depending on the aging time and method:


Aged using the traditional stacked barrel “criadera-solera” system for no less than six months in wood.


Aged using the traditional stacked barrel “criadera-solera” system for no less than two years in wood.


Aged using the traditional vintage system for a period of no less than three years in wood.

The all-new bittersweet vinegars from the Condado may include liqueur wines in the aging process; specifically, Pedro Ximénez and Muscat.

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European Union Aid

The Designations of Origin Huelva and Vino Naranja del Condado de Huelva Regulatory Board has received aid from the European Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development to promote its protected wines and vinegar.

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