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Our History

The origin of a prestigious inheritance.

The indisputable documented history of vine growing in this region of Huelva known as Condado dates back to the 14th century even though there are legendary references of exchanges between the Tartessos and Greeks, shipments to Rome and Muslim tolerance for wine growing and making.



The origins of the grape harvest

D O P C o n d a d o d e H u e l v a ®

Nuestra selección


Una explosión de sabor

Nuestra selección


Con denominación propia

Nuestra selección

Orange wine

Vino del descubrimiento

Natural fragrance

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Low-body, wire trellis-shaped plantations.


Neutral or slightly basic, loamy soil of average fertility.


It offers the ideal conditions for vine growing.

Grape Varieties

The grape variety grown in this region is of the utmost quality


Protected by the P.D.O.

The vineyard in the area protected by the PDO spreads across flat or slightly wavy lands. In general, the soil is neutral or slightly basic, loamy and of average fertility with zones of unbeatable quality for vine growing.

Breeding and production

Orange wine

El Área de Producción de los vinos protegidos por la Denominación de Origen «Condado de Huelva» está constituida por los terrenos ubicados en los términos municipales del Condado de Huelva.

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European Union Aid

The Regulatory Council of the Denominations of Origin of Huelva and Orange Wine of the County of Huelva, has received aid from the European Union charged to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for the promotion of its protected wines and vinegars.

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